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 Canadian/International CH EchoView’s Raisin’ Kane 

DATE OF BIRTH: April 10, 1999
SIRE: CH. EchoViews Pride of Roxyridge
DAM: CH. EchoViews Coming Attraction
BAER Tested Bilateral

Another “Keeper/Slyder” puppy who is maturing into the ideal Dalmatian. Co-Owned by Bonnie & John Hetherington of EchoView Dals, Raisin is “raisin’ kane” in the ring with his stylish looks and outstanding reach and drive. The mirror image of “Slyder”, his sire, with the desired improvements, “Raisin'” will stamp the Breed with the Echo View style!

In addition to an excellent temperament, “Raisin'” exhibits the proper side  movement & is true coming and going on his tight cat like feet. He posses an excellent front, good length of neck, substantial bone, level top-line and powerful rear.  Beautifully marked, the black spots are set on a pure white background.

CanCH EchoViews Pride Of Roxyridge, 03-28-96, White/Black Spots, FE332671, IC= 0.00000CanCH EchoViews Spirit, 02-17-94, White/Black Spots, CC168910, IC= 0.00000Travellin Griffen Express, Black/WhiteEstate R’n T’s Travellin Man, Black/White, TQ571617
CanCH EchoViews Coming Attraction, 05-11-95, White/Black Spots, EJ268292, IC= 0.00000Spottospot Connectadot Crystie, Black/White, CL186870, IC= 0.00000CanCH Dalrador Dal-Appy Bonsai Echo, 10-31-91, Black/White, YU981606Estate Travellin Man Tagalong, Black/White, XL858897
CanCH Travellin Freckled Express, Black/White, BQ129417, IC= 0.00000Dalrador Lord Connect-A-Dot, 11-14-90, Black/White, XW920672CanCH Dalrador Beamish Boy, Black/White, VU785671
CanCH Dalrador Dal-Appy Bonsai Echo, 10-31-91, Black/White, YU981606, IC= 0.00000Dalrador Rude Awakening (L) Liver/WhiteAm/Can CH London Lord Barclay, 04-24-86, Black/White, NT176141
Estate R’n T’s Travellin Man, Black/White, TQ571617CanCH Dalrador Just In Time, VY785639
Estate Travellin Man Tagalong, Black/White, XL858897CanCH Dalrador Beamish Boy, Black/White, VU785671
CanCH Dalrador Beamish Boy, Black/White, VU785671Dalmatia Muskogee Expo Mercury
Dalrador Little Jabberwocky, Black/White
Am/Can CH Aiglon Reveille Colonel Zara, CD, White/Black Spots, RC406527
CanCH Estate Velvet Nicolle, RG413879
CanCH Zara N’estate Fireside, UU680233
Am CH Labyrinth Nightingale, Black/White, 1025215
AmCan CH London Lord Barclay, 04-24-86, Black/White, NT176141
Roughrider Bit Of Dalrador

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