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A Photojournalistic Journey into Alberta’s Rimbey

In this photojournalistic journey into Alberta’s Rimbey, John Werstler captures the struggles of a small town that is struggling to adjust to the oil boom. The townspeople are dealing with the aftermath of years of rapid economic development, and they are fighting for their place in a rapidly changing world.

The photographer, John Werstler, spends a month travelling and photographing in the Canadian province of Alberta.

Werstler travels to Rimbey, a small town in northeast Alberta that has recently been affected by the end of the oil boom. The town is struggling with the aftermath of an extensive economic boom, and the picturesque landscapes provide an interesting contrast to this reality.

Werstler explores Rimbey, a small town in the northeast of Alberta, to get a unique perspective on the province’s oil-rich landscape.

One of the things that John Werstler wanted to do while travelling through Alberta’s northeast region was to get a unique perspective on the oil-rich landscape. He found this town of Rimbey to be an ideal location for this goal. Rimbey is a small town located just east of Lloydminster, which has experienced a lot of growth in recent years because of its close proximity to the province’s oilfields.

The photos that Werstler took show the contrasts between the town and its natural surroundings. He captures sweeping landscapes, busy towns, and bustling infrastructure—all while capturing the quiet moments that reveal the character and essence of a community. The oil boom has had a significant impact on Rimbey, which is evident in the photoessays’ title: “Rimbey Alberta: A Photojournalistic Journey Into A Small Town Struggling With The Aftermath Of The Oil Boom”.

In spite of these challenges, Werstler finds beauty in every photo he captures, revealing the resilience of the people of Rimbey in the face of overwhelming odds.

The photos capture a small but important community that is struggling with the aftermath of the oil boom.

Rimbey is a small town located in northeast Alberta, which has been struggling to adapt to the aftermath of the oil boom. The people of Rimbey have little money to spare, and many are feeling the pressure of the lack of jobs and income. The town’s infrastructure is struggling to keep up with the influx of oilfield workers, and many of the buildings have been damaged or destroyed by the industry. Despite these challenges, the town retains its small-town feel and its residents are passionate about their community.

The photographer, John Werstler, has captured a unique perspective on the aftermath of the oil boom in Alberta with his photos of Rimbey. The town is struggling but is still important in the province’s history and economy.


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